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Our non-profit SEO courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to optimize a website's visibility and reach target audiences. Through various techniques, such as integrating keyword research into content plans, optimization for local search, and creating analytics and reports, participants will learn how to establish goals, manage client and stakeholder expectations, create detailed analytics, and effectively communicate SEO progress.

Our course includes short units, hands-on learning, and specialized certification. Whether new to SEO or looking to improve your existing skills, we have tailored our courses to meet your needs.

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Who needs a free SEO course?


to improve website visibility and get more leads, conversions or customers

Content creators

to create unique and attractive content

Business owners

to make a decision on whether they need to hire an SEO specialist to rank higher on SERPs

Small local businesses

to make their brand more recognizable and appear more often in the Local search results

SEO specialists

as a refresher course


looking to get more SEO knowledge or perhaps even make a career change

The course will cover the following 8 topics

Basics of search engine algorithms
How to improve website optimization?
Why is keyword research important?
Link building: quantity or quality of backlinks profile needed?
Strategies for On-page and Off-page optimization
Local SEO benefits
Content strategy development
Basic Analytics

Founder, mentor and course creator Kateryna Hordiienko

SEO Research Editor

Kateryna is an expert with a robust SEO, analytics, technical writing, and content marketing background.

The academic beginning as a scientific essay author enriches her capacity to produce insightful, data-driven content. She supports SEO specialists with her understanding of the necessary tools and data required for effective search marketing.

Additionally, her experience as a speaker at international conferences on AI-related subjects enhances her profile as a seasoned professional.

Her tenure as a Research Editor and earlier role as a Technical Support Specialist has been crucial in shaping her approach to search engine optimization courses.
Kateryna Hordiienko

Enhance your skills and boost your resume by completing our SEO course

You will acquire a comprehensive understanding of SEO strategies and techniques, as well as an official certification upon completion. This will give you an edge in the job market and increase your chances of getting hired.

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